Why Us?

We’ve been there, like you are today…

You need hard hitting advice, intolerant of hype and equivocation, exposing the less traveled paths, and ways to breakout, advice that’s brutally honest and not beholden to any vendor, customer or corporate allegiance.

You need research that takes tough stances to highlight real success and expose shortcomings in strategy, roadmaps and even leadership. All in service of your needs as a decision maker and done with a maximum of transparency and open to dialog over our research agenda, findings and recommendations.

We are veteran analysts, with extensive careers at the major industry players as well as the leading industry analyst firms. We’re now striking out on our own, working together to provide an alternate source of rich advice essentially free of charge to organizations and individuals to use our content for their own internal purposes. We will attract sponsors to fund the syndicate while retaining a hard and fast wall between the content side and the sponsorship side of our house.

We, the syndicate, will blog on (cover)  some of the most important technology and business questions that you have, including:

  • Business issues (What’s the hurry?  Where’s the beef? How to avoid land mines.)
  • Alternative approaches (providing unconventional perspectives where they fit)
  • High impact technologies (emerging and others)
  • Real use cases (not hypothetical fictions)
  • Myth destruction (not promotion)
  • Strategic planning, execution and management perspectives
  • Broader impacts (employment, economics and GDP)

We started our careers in an era when integrated circuits began to replace discrete transistors inside computers. We learned the business through all the major waves between then and now, majoring today on:

  • The modern Internet
  • eCommerce and digital marketing
  • Artificial Intelligence and other disruptive emerging technologies (such as Quantum Computing, 5g communications and Blockchain.)
  • Cybersecurity, Security and Privacy
  • Social Networking
  • Co-robots
  • Edge Computing
  • The Internet of Things (IoT)

We will take on some of the key conundrums of our times, for example:

  • The disconnect between  AI and productivity and GDP growth
  • The impact of automation on employment and job composition
  • The future of work and changes in basic economic and demographic models
  • The why and how of surmounting barriers to digital transformation
  • Cultural transformation: Should it be an antecedent to success or a consequence?

We expect you to react to this agenda and help us better understand what you want to see. We also expect to find gems and authors of gems who deserve to become members of the syndicate. In the long run, we want to turn this into primarily a crowdsourced font of (sometimes contentious) wisdom.

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